The joys of winter!  It does sound romantic to people who get snow once a year, they all wait anxiously to go out sledding, and take those perfect big chunks of snowflakes falling photos. In reality, when you do live in some parts of Canada, when comes February, the romance has long gone.  The snow is brown.  Mixed with abrasives and all the dirt from cars.  The ground is still frozen solid this year.  We’ve had a very cold one.  Trouble is you can’t predict winter.  It could be a mild one, and you get to see some grass by March or, you can freeze your butt off until the end of April.

But the magic still does happen when the sky gets filled with flurries.  When a fresh coat of white covers the soiled banks. For that moment, when time seem to stand still, hushed and pure white, it’s all worth it  (okay, maybe not that worth it, but one can build their own fantasies).  We’ve had a few of those days lately.  When you are able to forget how cold you really are and just enjoy the moment. When the boys hit the rink and come back with rosy cheeks. When you can only hear the blades on the ice and a couple of brave birds chirping.  (Mostly cardinals, blue jays and chickadees, in case you were wondering).

In these moments, I dress up in a rush, grab the camera and start shooting.  Until my fingers can barely move.

So while waiting for spring with an urgent longing, here are some winter moments, hopefully the last ones, LOL

Winter Moments 1

Winter Moments 2

Winter Moments 3

And since I sometimes have these crazy ideas for my RM images portfolio, I cannot possibly leave you without some winter creepiness 🙂

Winter skull

Winter Boy

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