You’re going to be 11 on St. Patrick’s  Day.  My little  good luck charm as I so often call you. It’s true, since you came into my life, you only brought smiles, light and so much love.  You still hug me as tight.  You still kiss me good morning and goodnight.  You are my serious and responsible one.  You always choose what’s right and fair, you put others before yourself.  You are wise for your age.  But, in all that seriousness, sometimes you allow a little silliness to show.  That’s when the light you carry shines the brightest.  The twinkle in your eye, the goofy smile, it’s all there, and it’s all good.

I sometimes worry that you forget about yourself, and do things to please others, neglecting your own little desires and needs.  They’re important, you know.  I’m all for respect, my sweet boy, but you do have to show up for your own dreams as well.  And I will keep reminding you, don’t worry.  That’s my job and I plan to do it well, you deserve it.

You are a lot like me.  You can’t stand socks, removing them as soon as you enter the house.  I keep finding stray socks everywhere.  Mine and yours!  You aren’t a social animal, and you’re okay with that.  I respect your boundaries, I understand how you can feel.  I’ve been there, I’m still often there.  We can duck under the covers together, it’s warm and cozy, perfect for us.

Before you grow up too fast, I just want you to know how much I love you.  Just the way you are.  Time spent with you is the greatest gift you can give me, I do learn a lot from you. You are becoming an amazing boy, a natural, gentle leader.  One who cares and never disregards anyone’s feelings.  I think your light will shine far and wide my love, just give it time, you have plenty.  I will stand by your side for as long as you need me to.












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