I’m lucky to belong to a special group of ladies who were challenged, at the beginning of this year, by Eva Ricci Studio to create a monthly color themed portfolio of images.  It’s my honor this month to showcase the collages created by the fine artists in this group.

September was Brown.  Earthy, organic, warm, cozy, spicy and sweet, all the goodness of the brown tones assembled in one post.  Right here.  How can one not like this?

Here we go…

Robin Brenner McQuay Anderson

Amalia Ferreira-Espinoza / AFE Images

Karrie Brewer Drake / Karrie Drake Photography

Bonnie Smith

Sharon Surman

Nelleke Glasbergen

Alana Gillett

Ana Alejandra Colotti

Michele Catino /  CatinoCreations.com  /  CatinoCreations.etsy.com

 Sylvia Cook Photography / Etsy Blog

Kelly Newbury / Kelly*n Photography

Mary Carroll / Etsy / Website
Diana Taylor

Aina Sæle Apelthun / Blog

Janice Darby

Sharon Collins / Blog

Sue Zellers / 500px /Facebook

Judith Kimber / Facebook /Etsy

Katerina Vodrazkova / Etsy

Sarah Melvin / Etsy / Facebook / Website

Eva Ricci Studio / Facebook

Laura Evans / Facebook

Jean Ladzinski Photography / Etsy

Kathryn Belanger  / Etsy  / Blog 

Andrea McClain / Etsy

Carrie Gault

Me 🙂