Do you have dreams? What brings you joy?

It’s a simple question, really. I’m sure all of you can come with many answers in the blink of an eye.
The issue here is not really knowing what brings you joy but creating the time and space for it.

When we’re stuck between the rush of our daily lives, routine and commitment to a decent lifestyle, making space for anything else is a challenge.
I have all these desires and dreams that I still need to fulfill yet there seems to be no time for any of them. Some days I feel stuck and wish I could just leave it all (well, not all, but you get the idea) and buy myself a camper van and move around in the direction my heart is pulled towards. Anywhere.

But then I look around. And realize I’m happy here. Truly. It’s not perfect, never will be, but it’s good enough.
Why don’t I create the space for all these desires? Am I afraid of change or simply content the way it is? Is a dream’s sole purpose is to remain in your imagination? To never actually become within reach?I just don’t know. There are days I think I know, others I’m confused.

I had set myself some goals this year, learn watercolor and hand lettering. And I did. Though I wish I had more opportunities to devote some time to it at least I’m proud to have achieved those goals. I need to go out more too, photograph different landscapes. I might not need to travel far, just explore a bit more. And also learn a new language, why not?
I’ll get back to knitting too, because that also brings me joy. And keep on reading all those books on my endless to-read list.
I guess a balance between routine and adventure is what I need to set my heart on fire again. I just need to create the space for it and watch it ignite xox

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