October is one of the loveliest months. Autumn is always putting on a show in these parts of the world in October and one can only marvel at the colorful sight offered by nature. It’s gorgeous but never lasts long enough.

The colors are turning, and in a matter of days, they are in their full splendor. It’s a pull you can’t resist. I know I can’t. I have to be outside and walk along the paths covered in leaves. Sometimes crisp and crunching under your feet, sometimes damp and releasing that unmistakable autumn scent (not the pumpkin spice type!). The earthy, woody pine, bitter and sweet, fruity and ripe one. You know the one, I’m sure.

It’s beautiful and cozy and it fills your heart with warmth. And the rain and wind come. Then it soon starts to feel desolate and bleak as November lurks in the corner. You know it’s inevitable but you try to block all thoughts of winter until you spot your fist snowflake. All dreams of autumn gone, it’s already a memory.

I tried to make the most of this month, captured it the only way I could, now I’m sharing some of it with you.

autumn 1



autumn 4

autumn 5

autumn 6

Australian shepherd

autumn 7

autumn 8

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