I had a conversation with my closest online friend the other day and it striked me that even if we’re oceans apart, and in different situations in our lives, we deal with the same issues.  We have the same fears, same kind of dreams and same observations of the inequity of it all.

Why does many talented, hard-working people get stuck and aren’t able to go forward and succeed while others breeze through it without any effort?  We’re talking about people we could compare to, not royalty or famous people.  And it seemed unfair.  That conversation, and an online article I read this morning, lead me to this post.

They say: “Success comes to those who work their asses off”, we do. Yet, we’re still waiting.  We’re not talking about world-wide recognition of some sort, just enough to have it easier.
While I believe that comparison is the thief of joy, how can one not compare itself to others? How do you make abstraction of it? How not to compare your work, your lifestyle, your knowledge. It’s sometimes unavoidable.

And then you compare yourself to the ones who have even less. You’re the one they are looking up to and they believe it’s unfair. You’re the one having it easy.
And then you go even further and think of the ones that, not just have less, but have close to nothing.  And do they look up to you and still think it’s unfair?  No.  Why?  They possess something we seem to have lost.  Joy.  
Joy prevents you from greed, makes you humble, proud, and grateful.  Joy isn’t given to you, it has to come from within.  And that’s the tricky part.  Us, living in the comfort of our homes, think that happiness comes through material possessions, social standing.  We have forgotten about joy.

Life will always seem to be unequal from our standpoint, and as far as I know, it sometimes is.
Now don’t tell me God has a plan for us, or for them.  He wouldn’t be that unfair. And I wouldn’t believe you.  Humanity has made it’s own plan and we all struggle for a sweet piece of it.
And karma?  Karma will come around they also say.  Yet, it never does.

Though we tried to make sense of it all, the more we talked, the more messed up it got.  There obviously isn’t any right answer to those questions.

Isn’t that the greatest thing though? Having friends from around the world to chat with and discover the many similarities between your life and theirs. Between your dreams and theirs.  Trying to re-invent the wheel, to think of a better world.  To laugh or to cry.  To dream under the same big sky together. And maybe someday, to get to meet xox

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