It’s not breaking news if I tell you I’ve been enjoying shooting with my iPhone lately.  Since I use it so much, I went ahead and ordered a waterproof case so I can take photos underwater this summer.  I got the Nuud case by Lifeproof.  I was terribly excited to get my hands on that case, but when I opened the box, doubt crept in…  The case looked sturdy enough but it doesn’t cover the screen!  I could not imagine using a case that leaves so much of my precious device open to elements.  I made the test with the dummy phone provided, no leaks.  I still wasn’t feeling very confident about it so I took another test, that time leaving the dummy underwater for a long time, I went to run errands and forgot about it.  When I came back, everything inside was dry as a bone.

It took some will to actually plunge my own device underwater.  I started by barely immersing it, for a quick dip, towelling it dry as fast as I could.  Then took three photos, stayed two minutes in the pool.  The thing better not fail me!  It held it’s promise.  I’m actually up to 5 minutes underwater and everything is okay.  I do love technology but have a hard time trusting it blindly.  I must say I’m not disappointed by this case and it will be perfect for all those summer days ahead.  If you plan to buy it, google how to add a wriststrap, it can be handy!

If you do plan to shoot underwater on a budget, a case for your phone is a nice option.  I also have a point and shoot by Olympus that can stand deeper waters and that I’ve been using for years.  It never had any issues.  The only thing I don’t like about that camera is it’s gone slow with the years, I might need to change the memory card.  When I press the shutter there is a slight delay, so, in moving water, it’s a bit tough to capture what you really wanted.  But it did worked fine all of these years, and it was under 200$.  There’s still the goPro you can use, but since you don’t have a live view, it’s a guessing game underwater.  So, for it’s fast response and convenience, I think I’ll stick to my phone most of the time this summer.

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