It’s fair to say I have a major crush on peonies.  Some may call it an obsession, but you got to capture these ephemeral beauties while they last.  A rainy day, a little wind, and poof!  They’re gone!  What’s a girl to do then?  Shoot with a passion and make the most of them.  That’s what I did.  Every spring, when the peonies are about to bloom, the first thing I do in the morning, even before coffee, is to go in the garden and check on them, are they ready yet?  As soon as I see the first bloom, fever hits.  I cut and create bouquets, from which I will select the flowers for my photos.  I protect them from the nasty weather and treat them like precious babies.  I’m always on the lookout too for new peonies to add to the garden, maybe next year I’ll have yellow ones, fingers crossed X

So, I could not possibly share all the photos of peonies I took this spring, but I created two collages made of some of my favorites.  You’ll notice the new addition to my garden, the coral sunset variety, which stole my heart this spring.  I’ve used my peonies until all I had left were petals, they were put to good use too.

Peonies 1

Peonies 2

I’ve also had the crazy idea to get some blue peonies…  Adding blue food coloring to warm water made the white peonies turn blue.  Though the shade of blue wasn’t exactly what I was looking for, it made for an interesting experiment.

Peonies 3

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