Yes,  I do shoot people.  I actually love to shoot humans.  I didn’t choose florals or still life because it’s easier.  It’s not easier at all.

I’m not shooting portraits mostly because I hate the sales pitch, and the prints and derivative products pushing.  Emails twice a day to check if the gallery is up, deadlines.

In fact, I hate constraints, of all sorts.  I like to think I’m a free spirit but the truth is maybe I’m more of a rebel.  Authority gives me a hard time. Especially in my creative work where my process takes some time. I would never have made it in the army.  I’m not much of a “yes sir”, “no sir”, “right away sir” woman.  So, portraiture probably consists in less than 20% of my work.  I could use models, but then I’d need releases.  Models would want copies for their portfolios, make-up artist would want some too.  Hassle. Too much time spent not creating. Don’t like it.

The problem is I absolutely love the feeling I get when I look at portraits.  But my stubbornness towards constraints prevents me to shoot more of them, thus becoming in itself a restriction…  Here I am running in circles.  I do that way too often for my taste and I wonder which constraint is the worse. Surely the one that stops me from creating.  I become my worst enemy, my own barricade.  Don’t get me wrong I love shooting my still life or fine art, but some days I crave for soulful images.  They’re the ones I prefer.  But yet…  When my mind does that,  it irritates me to no end.  The stillness, the indecision.  Maybe it’s because I’m a Libra.  Maybe it’s simply what life is about, part dreaming and waiting for the perfect conditions, part being in it with both feet, doing your best.  Getting there one day at a time.

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portrait board 1

portrait board 2