My oldest son granted me the privilege to take some photos of him on Mother’s Day.  I had some ideas in mind, which he agreed on.  I wanted him to play the teenage rebel, the runaway, in trouble kid.  I know this bike tunnel here in town, which has great light since it’s a very short tunnel, so we headed out there.  My boy is a very fine young man, who never gets in trouble, and is not attracted to anything dark.  He’s an athlete and lives for action, of the good kind.  So, he was a bit out of character, but he had fun, especially with the lighter.

Here’s a couple of shots from this outing in the darkest corners of the city.  Makes for a nice change after putting my youngest on manure in the garden 🙂  This post is part of a blog circle, visit my friend Karrie, and make your way around the circle xox

Teen rebel 2Teen rebel 1

Teen rebel 3