I don’t have much going on worthy of writing a post about at this time.  Though I’m a busy bee in the garden, life is quiet, settling in it’s daily routine.  Hockey season is over so we’re not rushing out of the house at ungodly hours every weekend now, so mostly I sip my coffee and watch the birds.  It does feel good to be slowing down and enjoying the warmer sunny days.

I’ve been working on some new fine art photography work, mostly inspired by organic matters.  Abandoned birds and wasps nests, feathers, rocks, shells, etc.  I took many photos that are still waiting to be edited, but you get the idea. I’ve also been very lucky to find an amazing Etsy shop where I bought real butterfly specimens for collectors, that I use as fine art props.  Shop is called Insect Art and I’m absolutely thrilled with the butterflies she sent me!  I could photograph these all day.  They do require careful handling, and probably make me look creepy having so much fun playing with dead things, but I’m so inspired by them, I honestly don’t give a damn!  Here’s a little glimpse of what I’ve been doing with them.


And just to creep you out even more, I’ve also bought from the same shop, some gorgeous beetles.  Gorgeous, if I say so myself.  Keeping with my organic streak, I’ve pushed the madness a bit further and I ended up with  a series that is not my usual style, that would probably have the neighbors call the looney bin to pick me up, but that I assume entirely. It required a lot of planning and bribery.  I even had to sew a shirt (in 30min flat!) from an old drop cloth (it was mean to be torn, so…).  Photos were added to my editing pile, but I’ll leave you with one so you can see where I’m headed with this series…

Organic matters

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