Finally spring is here!  It has been a long, hard and cold winter.  Still, it doesn’t want to let go of it’s hold easily as rivers flood from too much melting snow and rain and landslides threaten citizens.  Thankfully it’s not happening here, where I live, but my thoughts are with these people.

The greatest thing about spring, for me, it’s that I can finally go back to my garden.  I missed it so much!  Sounds stupid, but I really love spending time outside tending to my lawn, flower beds and vegetable patches.  My nails get full of dirt and my knees get muddy but I can’t be bothered with that.


I actually enjoy raking my lawn.

My garden is not the pretty, orderly French garden type, with perfect hedges and rows.  It’s more of a controlled chaos.  I like things natural.  I see my garden as a living space, a welcoming home for the living.  Any kind of living creature.  I select plants that will attract and feed birds, butterflies and bees.  I can even tolerate slugs or bunnies in the lettuce.  I allow stalks to dry in the autumn without removing them for I know that finches and chickadees will come and feed on the seeds.  That will take them through winter.  I keep the winter grasses up until late in the spring because I know robins, sparrows and blackbirds use them to build their nests.  So I only cut them when nesting season is done.

Winter grass strands

See these? That’s what birds use for their nests, it’s all over my yard at the moment 🙂

I guess you could say the garden looks horrible on most months of the year, but it has a greater purpose than aesthetics.  It looks great in June, July and August though, when everything is in full bloom, and all the creatures have enough to feed all around.  All the photos posted today are iPhone photos edited mostly with the new updated Mextures app, I’ll only take out the “big” one when there’s actually some color in the garden.

garden1 garden 3 garden 2

On another note, I have completed my 100 Days of Happy challenge!!!  I’m tempted to go ahead and continue for a second run, but the sunny days are here and although I’ll have many sources of happiness available, I might lack the time to post.

happy  january

happy february

happy  march

happy  april

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