Hello April!  I have missed you! After one of the coldest and longest (not totally gone yet) winters, I’m so glad you are making your annual appearance.  You may be full of rain, but I welcome you with arms wide open.  I can finally walk on grass.  I have gardening plans for the weekend, yes, gardening!  Even though it’s just getting the grounds clean and ready, it’s a start and I’ll take it!  I have ordered some new flower seeds and bulbs to liven up my yard. Each year I promise myself I’m not going to buy more, but here I am again, waiting for some new plants.  Lettuce, herbs and chard are sprouting on the window sill, other veggies will soon follow.  I can’t wait to put my hands in the dirt!  What a treat!  You know, I’m not such a fancy lady, dirt and manure are just fine 🙂

Along with you came Easter, we had a great time visiting family but I came back with more than my heart full of love, also my sinus full of “stuff”, to remain polite.  I’m fighting a sinus infection, and it gives me that drunken feeling, you know?  When your ears are so full you lose balance?  Yeah, that.  And the feeling I have an anvil booming on my forehead each time I move?  Yeah, that too.  So, my April post will be a short one.  I’ll go back sipping a hot tea, making sure I fill my sinuses with so much steam my face gets damp.

Until the next post, where I might have something new, exciting or meaningful to share, enjoy some of my latest RM work and then please click on the button below and follow our Sisterhood Stories blog circle xox

Old skeleton key

Bird cage and feathers

Arm and feather