I won’t lie, it’s really cold here.  Even for a northern girl like me who’s used to winter, it’s cold.  I may have all the adapted clothing and outerwear I need, I’m still shivering when going outside.  We had a first icy blast late December, then last week, we had hopes of spring.  Warm sunlight, birds chirping.  Today’s it’s back to reality, another blast of Arctic air hits us. I’m not one to complain usually, but I’m really dreaming of spring at the moment. I’m stuck inside and although it helps with my healthy resolutions, I have time for cooking, juicing and exercising, I’m longing to be out there shooting.  I have briefly picked up my camera to capture the cold, my fingers would freeze after a couple of seconds, my battery drained and my face burned.  It has nothing fairy tale like, it’s not a Disney movie.
Well, at least I’m still keeping up with my photo projects. The 100 Days of Happy one comes easy for me, I find sources of happiness everywhere, and it’s such a feel good project!  I really hope weather stops acting up so I can get to more serious and portfolio worthy work, I have a long list of written ideas to complete…  Meanwhile I guess I’ll stick to yoga, breathe in, breathe out, and wait for winter to pass…

Here’s some images of the cold white winter and a couple of extras from my photo projects thrown in 🙂






Also, I ordered fake polaroid prints made from my Instagram photos from Polargram, I love them!!  Affordable, fast and beautiful!!  Those are some of the little things that make me happy!


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