Thrive  intransitive verb \ˈthrīv\   : to grow or develop successfully : to flourish or succeed

That’s my word for 2014. After a year of looking for direction in my work, I think I’m ready to see it grow and flourish. I want my work to thrive, but I also want my personal life to prosper as well.  My goals for 2014 are quite simple, and listing them here will make me accountable, so here’s to committing to a better life in the next 365 days.

Simple things like getting healthier.  Eat better foods and get more exercise.  No goal in terms of pounds lost, it’s all about the way I want to feel about myself, inside and outside.

The next one is easy, I want to get rid of those glasses and switch to contacts.  I never could wear contacts because my prescription makes it difficult and I was lacking the patience of trying pair after pair.  I will this year.

Spend more wisely.  Stop wasting and re-use, especially food, save money for a family trip.  I have started saving each week, and we have a swear jar.  I should be happy it’s not filling up, though I intended to add the money to our trip budget.

I’m taking on new photo challenges, two of them are on Instagram, a 365 with a little journalling, so it serves as a challenge and a way to collect memories, and the 100 Days of Happy.  You can join us if you wish 🙂 There’s also a theme group that I love and I hope I’ll be able to take on each monthly challenge.

I plan to keep expanding my portfolio and work on creating more fine art pieces and stay on track with agencies submissions.

With that in mind I’m stepping in this new year with renewed enthusiasm, after over two weeks of vacation, I’m ready to roll! (though, to be honest, I would have stayed on vacation, lol)

We had a very pleasant holiday time, even if all the activities we had planned weren’t possible due to the Arctic weather conditions.  We switched to plan B and had a lot of blanket, board games, movies and craft time.  And that was amazing. Me and my youngest got hooked on Rainbow Loom!  He’s been creating bracelet after bracelet, from easy patterns to challenging ones, that thing is so much fun!  If you have a kid that likes to craft, this is what you need!! I hope you had a great time too and that this new year holds many possibilities and has much creativity in store for you xox

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