7:35 is my new personal photo project.  You probably wonder why that specific time is so important to me that it deserves it’s own project.  Well, it’s quite simple actually, I get to spend about ten minutes alone with my youngest on every school morning while we walk and wait for the school bus.  It’s a moment where time seems to stop, where we just hang out, do some silly things, play boot hockey with a chunk of ice or simply hold on to each other.  I could easily kiss him on his way out the door and wave goodbye as he’d walk to the bus stop alone, he’s old enough for it after all.  But no one can rob me of that special time.  So I get dressed, and I go out.  Rain, snow, hail, polar vortex or not, I’m standing there with him.  It’s our moment.  We have others, like bedtime reading.  But this one I hold on to, because I won’t see him until late in the afternoon, and I will miss him.  I miss both my sons when they’re at school, still, after all these years.

So, I’m gathering all the images I took on our way to the bus stop, in this last year and a half, and I’m adding more to the collection every couple of days.  I try to focus on the details, like our surroundings, the creatures we encounter, the weather, the passing of seasons, etc.  I’ll create a book with them at the end of this school year, I have around a hundred already 🙂

Here are two layouts of some images captured mostly this winter, with the iPhone. (photos edited with Faded app and layouts were made with InFrameFoto app)

A glimpse of what goes on at 7:35… Oh!  And today we were lucky to witness our first skein of geese flying overhead for this spring.  Yay!!!  A lot of things happen at 7:35…

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