This time of year, just before spring, passes by like I’m caught in a whirlwind.  There’s my son’s birthday to plan and to celebrate, there are the hockey series, for both our sons and the spring cleaning to start. Add to that this year, that my oldest suffered a concussion, which still prevents him to play hockey three weeks after it happened, so I’m playing nurse.  If you thought a concussion was simply a light situation, I guarantee you there’s more to it.  There’s the headaches that come and go, the inability to focus for a long period of time, the crankiness…  It requires attention, constant restraint, because the boy does want to be active, but if he does, headaches come back with a vengeance.  And there’s school, he’s in an enriched program, which means he’s supposed to go through academics faster, but he can’t focus at the moment. That generates anxiety, will school results plummet?  Will teachers understand?  That makes a lot going through his young mind…

I anticipate this time of year as much as I dread it.  It’s also the time I lost my mom.  Two years ago today.  So I guess the whirlwind acts as a diversion.  A distraction from the sadness and the guilt, a smokescreen that allows joy to shine through anyway.  And I take it.  I focus on the happy, mostly.

Here’s a few happy images (iphone) from this weekend, remember to focus on the happy yourselves xox  This post is part of a blog circle, please visit Abby’s blog and leave some love along the way…




Since he was born on St.Patrick’s day, he’s been my good luck charm ever since xox