With back to school came back to work.  This year, I’ve extended my hours and will be working in a second elementary school.  Little did I know that the place would be so nice, small neighborhood school, close-knit community, warm and welcoming.  Apart from the workplace, what captured my imagination are the school’s surroundings. On the first day, I fell in love with that little church overlooking the water, steps away from the parking lot.  I knew I had to take my big camera there as soon as I could.  So, this week I managed to do it.  I had 15 minutes to walk around the place, before hitting the road and going to pick my son from hockey. I had to be focused and efficient.

Well, did I say, small, close-knit community? As soon as I set foot on the church grounds, a car stopped by.  A nice senior lady rolled down her window and managed to introduce herself.  She’s the one promoting the church, making sure its patrimonial heritage is preserved and transmitted through generations.  A very nice lady.  But I only had 15 minutes.  And she was still talking, now asking for ideas to promote the place with the local schools, what kind of activities to offer, etc.  Call me crazy but all the while she was talking, I could hear the clock ticking.  So, with only two minutes left, here are the photos I managed to capture.  Will definitely have to go back, wearing camouflage.

You know what’s great too about this new workplace?  On the other side of it, two big orchards.  Yes, you see it coming don’t you?  Apple picking is on the agenda, and apple photos of course, one of my favorite subject.

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