It’s September… So far it has been warmer in these last days than this summer, so even if our routine has set into it’s comfortable habits, we’re still enjoying bits of summer. Pretending Autumn is not coming soon. Yes, we’re back into our school year routine, that means I’m back to my day job and to my organized self. Lunches, meals and groceries planned. Schedule filled and posted on the fridge. Work projects already lined-up and notebook pages full of ideas. Hockey and volleyball schedules taking what little time left I have. Crazy! But fun!

I haven’t been taking much photos these last weeks, as I wanted to fully enjoy my last days of vacation with the kids, so I don’t have new work to share today. I do however want to share my newest obsession with you, it’s an app called Steller (as for Storyteller ). Steller is a community where you share your photos in a story form. The app has all the tools to build your own story, you just add the photos or the videos. I feel like my images get a second life, when they’re presented in a short story, it’s fun and so inspiring! There are so many creative people there, the place is like a playground for creatives of all kind.

Check out my stories HERE.  You’re going to fall in love with this app, beware!

And here’s two photos from a recent series created for my RM portfolio, inspired by the beautiful French letters I bought on Etsy.  This post is part of our blog circle, visit Laura’s blog and leave some love along the way…