Hello 2015!  First post of the year and it feels like it’s been such a long time!  The Holidays were so good, two whole weeks off, lots of blanket, movie and reading time.  I received a Kindle paperwhite for Christmas, and I did put it to good use already.  It had been so long since I had time to indulge in books for as long as I wanted. I’ve reactivated my Goodreads accounts and set myself a challenge of 40 books for the year, I’ve already read 7 so it’s looking good!

In my last post I was hinting at my word for 2015, well, I have one. ONWARD. Continuing toward one’s destination. I feel like I’ve been idling for too long. Going about my life and career in a steady but repetitive motion. I need to gently force myself onward, see what new creative or professional challenges await, embrace fully the beautiful life that is mine but without stalling. I prefer onward to forward as it seems to be more of a flowing motion than a strong push.  I want to progress but in a gentle, meaningful way. Slow if needed, but onward, always.

With that in mind I decided to be more gentle on myself, to start yoga again and even some meditation.  To read as much as I wanted, to cook and bake whatever and whenever I felt like it. To enjoy the little things, because honestly, big things don’t happen every day anyway.  To focus on my creative work more, but without pressure or agenda. Slow and steady but onward.

What’s a new post without photos?  It’s January, so its cold up here, polar cold.  But it does make for lovely white wintery images.  They were worth the frozen fingers, even if at times I didn’t even see what I was shooting as my sunglasses fogged up 🙂  Memory card was full of surprises!  What you can shoot in 30 seconds flat with frozen fingers and without seeing a thing!

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