We had our first chilly morning today. First time in months that I felt myself shivering, I almost had forgotten the feeling. We did have an exceptionally warm summer. My body was soaking up the sun like it would never get enough. I actually have a tan! Really.
But as much as I want it to stay, nature is turning the page again, bringing September and its cozy evenings and colorful landscape.

I haven’t been on this blog in a while, the need the write was superseded by the need to be outside and filling up on sunshine.

The warm weather was amazing for my garden, I have loads of veggies to pick and to eat, Yum! Fortunately I had only one zucchini plant, for I have a courgette overload.  Bags and bags of shredded goodness await in the freezer for all those breads, muffins and soups I plan to bake in the coming months.So, I guess that’s a good thing I expect from autumn, though I am definitely not ready to let my sunshine go..

Here are some photos that speak of this summer short-lived but oh! so beautiful. No particular storyline here, just random snippets that make my heart sing.

summer 1

sky view



shadow play

city view

red shoes

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