If you’ve been following me or my photography for a while, you are certainly aware that I love everything antique or vintage. My home is filled with them (or new stuff designed to match my antique furniture). I love the timeless mood of classic items, somehow it’s like they speak to me.
I also love the retro era, but my interest is limited in a few select items like cameras and radios.

I’m not a true collector nor a hoarder. I’m not looking for the most valued antiques either. I just want to own as many lovely and useful pieces as I can. They’re not purchased to be on display, I use the stuff I get, whether as photography props, furniture or accent pieces in the house. Β Also I love to find extra cheap fun pieces for my book cover photography portfolio. Β It’s really easy to go overboard and invest tons of money into props that you will end up using one or two times, so finding them for a couple of dollars is always nice. Β I can also resell them when I’m done playing with them!

With all that being said, I wanted to share my newest obsession. It’s an app called VarageSale (virtual garage sale). I don’t know if it’s active in your area but in mine, wow! I’ve bought so many nice pieces on there, and for cheap!! I’ve sold, too! (Told you, I’m not a hoarder) This app is better than the classifieds and I connect with local sellers. Since there is not a single flea market around, unless you are willing to drive for hours, it’s really neat.

I check it daily, and I’m pretty happy with what I’ve found so far. Of course there is a lot of stuff on there, but I only check the categories I’m interested in.

So, here are a few of my latest finds, used as props. I still have some (like that vintage pram, bought for 15$) that I haven’t used yet. Soon.

vintage plates

A mismatched collection of 12 vintage plates, bought for 10$. Vintages cutlery (a whole bag of them!) for 8$ and a new Royal Stafford teacup with saucer for 5$

German soldiers

WWII German soldiers photos 3$ each, but totally worth it, just for the amazing history they carry. Those young men must all have died during battle.

old doll

This perfectly worn porcelain composition doll for only 5$. It’s sooo pretty!

pears on silver plate

Numerous silver trays and plates, none more than 2$ each, I have many different ones.

doll heads

A whole bag of doll heads and body parts for 1$, the fun I’m having with these!


And of course, this creepy lurker. They’re everywhere these days it seems πŸ™‚ The lady wanted to give it away, it was sleeping in the garage, her girls terrified by it. I gave her 2$. It served me well so far!

There are way more I could share, old skeleton keys, old books, scissors etc. You’ll just have to keep your eyes open to find them in my work πŸ˜‰

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