Hello there!  Yes, you are still on the same blog!  You probably have noticed some changes here, I hope you like them.  I was in need of a whole new color theme so I went with the colors that spoke to me at the moment.  Warmer, but still soft.  I also made changes to all my social media profiles (if you follow, you have noticed 😉  If you don’t, well it’s about time you do follow me!).

There’s another change in the shop too, instead of hosting my files and delivering them via my own shop, I now moved to a cool, trendy marketplace.  Yes, I am now on Creative Market.  I’ve loved that place from it’s debut, registering as early sign-up, and bought many items from them, but just now realized I should sell on there too!  So you can now find my resources HERE.  And, if you are not familiar with the place, be sure to have a look around, there are free assets every week, and tons of talented designers.

Changes happen also on a personal level, I had a haircut this week, I’d say I lost about 6 inches of hair.  What an easy way to lose five pounds! I also have a personal trainer. Yep!  My oldest, who’s big into health and nutrition, and also wants to have a medical career geared towards biomechanics, is trading services with me.  I drive him to the gym daily, and he trains me (and offers great teenager advice) daily.  I must say that I’m a bit of a reluctant client, not that I don’t think fitness is important, but my ADD brain gets bored pretty fast.  Two minutes of jogging and I want to tear my head off, seriously.  So, we use the trampoline, and we make it fun.  That’s a good start.

I have a pretty long list of thing I want to do this summer, so, I better get back to it, blog/website update was one of them, and I can check it off the list! Thanks Elena, who once again worked miracles with my site xox

I can’t leave you without some prettiness, right?

Queen Anne's Lace 1

Queen Anne's lace 2

Queen Anne's lace 3

Until the next blog post, much love to you xox

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