And the day came

when the risk to remain tight in a bud

was more painful

than the risk it took to blossom

~Anaïs Nin

 That’s a lovely quote,  isn’t it?  I started out inspired by my recent photos, and wanted to share with you my love for florals and when searching for the perfect quote to fit the images, this one popped and stuck with me.

I guess it’s always easier to hold tight to our habits,  and what makes us feel secure.  It’s comforting to live a predictable life.  But aren’t we missing out on something in the end?  What are we so afraid of risking?  Of losing?  Isn’t blossoming the purpose?  It sure exposes us more and makes us feel vulnerable,  but the feeling of achievement,  of purpose must be worth it in the end… 

So,  it started with florals,  and my love for them.  It lead me to realize that I wasn’t taking risks when shooting florals,  I’m in my comfort zone.  And that’s okay, sometimes.  One can’t live on the edge all the time 🙂  Florals bring me joy and add beauty to my everyday life.  Not that my life ain’t happy,  but I’m often confronted to sad stories in my day job,  and it feels good to breathe in beauty every now and then…  Until I’m ready to blossom again!  I’m like these flowers that open, then close, I guess.   I play it safe half the time!  How about you?

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