One of the things I love the most about summer is going to the farmer’s market.  We are lucky to have a beautiful and big market close-by in Montreal, in the heart of the Little Italy district, it makes for a perfect outing.  Food, coffee, cannolis, it can’t get any better!  Of course there are many smaller markets you can enjoy too, but this one is a landmark.  The abundance of fresh, local fruits and veggies offered at the market is overwhelming.  So many to choose from and we couldn’t possibly eat all we’re craving for.  Prices are much cheaper than the same products bought from the supermarket, and you get local produce, which is still something we need to fight for if we want local produce in the supermarket stands. They tend to go for mass imported produce.

I wish we could change that. Not that I have anything against importation, but when it grows in your backyard, why buy it from China?  I guess we’re favouring economy and global market instead of good old common sense, and if people buy it why change it?  That was my pseudo-political rant for today, I’ll stick with what I’m good at and share some photos from the market.  I hope it inspires you to find the nearest farmer’s market, go for a little drive and fill up a bag of fresh, home grown veggies.  Then maybe make time for a picnic?  There’s always time for good food and good company xox

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The market _1

The market _2

The market _3

The market _4

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The market _9

The market _10