I don’t go in the “big city” often.  Mostly I feel like it’s not worth the time spent jammed in traffic to get there or the price and availability of parking spaces.  Even if it’s really close it sometimes takes a long time to get to your destination.  You see, it’s an island and I live off the island which means I depend on a bridge for access.  Bridges seem to be the main attraction for road accidents, thus blocking everyone in or out of the island.  Often enough to drive you crazy.  And there’s also the road work.  On. Every. Highway.  It’s true I do like my little town surrounded by lakes, just enough city just enough country.  But sometimes I feel the urge to get out, so that’s what I did on my day off last week.  

I wanted to walk around the old part of town and also visit my favorite place in the big city, the Chinese Garden (part of the Botanical garden) while the Magic of Lanterns exhibit was on.

Here’s some photographs of our day, all taken with my Lensbaby. 

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