The prettiest season is definitely peony season!  If you are, like me, a peony addict, you find that season to also be way too short. Peonies make every garden look luxurious with their large, colorful and heavenly scented blooms. This year I couldn’t add a new peony cultivar to my garden, not that I didn’t want to, but when you want special bulbs, there’s a price tag coming with it, and I couldn’t justify spending a hundred dollars for a tiny plant. Because, it’s obvious that I’d end up wanting more than one, right? Still looking for the perfect yellow one, by the way…

This year, the prettiest season was really cut short due to steady rainfalls.  The long, heavy stems bent under the weight of water-filled blooms, the moist petals getting moldy and falling before I had time to fully enjoy them.

So, all my plans for a ginormous collection of still life photos featuring peonies will have to wait for next year.  I did manage to capture a couple of images from my coral peony that blooms a couple of days before the others, and I cut a couple of white buds that I got to enjoy before they were all wasted.

Here’s this year meagre selection of images, enjoy xox

Peonies 1

peonies 2

peonies 3

peonies 4

peonies 5

peonies 6

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