Aaaah!  Summer!  There’s nothing quite like it.  The warmth, the light.  The days without routine, other than going to bed late and sleeping in.  Doing whatever our hearts dictate.    I wish it lasted longer.  The boys are having a great time together, even if they’re 5 years apart, they love to be with each other.  One anxiously awaiting for the other to be up in the morning, and checking his bedroom every ten minutes.  While others complain that their kids are fighting all the time while at home, I find my boys to be so relax and carefree.  That really allows them to enjoy the time spent together.  Really.  And that means the world to me.

I hope they will remember their summers the way I do.  I’m an only child, so my summers were spent with cousins.  The fun we had!!  Dressing up, camping in the backyard, swimming in the lake, exploring our little universe.  Hiding, building secret houses, creating secret clubs.  That was the best time of the whole year!

What are your best summer memories?  Share!!

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