I feel the need to slow down,  to focus inwards,  on what really matters.  On things that I’ve wanted to do for a long time but never had time for.  On what brings me pleasure,  without pressure. 
I managed to do all the things I wanted business-wise so far this year,   I’ve released the sets I was working on,  released the jewelry pieces I wanted to create.   Now I choose to dedicate the next month and a half remaining in the year to myself and my family.   Crafts,  baking,  renovations that still need to be completed,  little things I enjoy and kept putting aside.

Our Christmas this year will be different.  Mom used to come and stay with us for the Holidays.  She will be missed.  And I need to work on recreating traditions,  new ones we will  carry on.  So,  that’s where you’ll find me,  at home,  living slowly.   Enjoying every little moment.  I will still share posts, I won’t be disappearing completely,  but I will share them when I feel like it,  with no other expectations than sharing a glimpse of my life every now and then.   No pressure,  just good times,  it’s what I need and what my family deserves.  There will always be the new year for more work and projects!

Meet our new friend,   Kobe (I know it’s a weird Elf name, but it’s what the boys agreed on).  Part of one of the new traditions we are creating…

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