There’s so many things I like about autumn,  the crisp mornings,  the sunny afternoons,  the gorgeous warm colors everywhere.   Skies seem bluer too.   It’s time to get the warm blankets out,  to start the fireplace,  to get cozy.

It’s always a time when I feel so inspired,  but mostly,  it’s not about photography.   It’s about everything else!  Since we spend more time indoors,  I tend to get crafty every Autumn.  I’ve started creating jewelry with my photos,  and loved it!   And now I want to do more.   I did photo coasters and I’ve started knitting again,  and so many hats and cowls await me.   I’ve also dabbled in paper mache,  yes,  you read right.  I had a project in mind for a while,  and I just jumped in!

What next?  There are no limits I’m afraid,  only time is lacking,  and some of these projects will remain undone.   I still have to finish this fireplace rebuild we’ve started.   I think by now you realized that I just can’t stay still.  I need to do something,  all the time!  It’s only gonna get worse,  Christmas is coming and I have SO MANY ideas…  (Just bought an Elf on the shelf, sssh!  Don’t tell the kids!)

So,  I’m going to leave you with some of my recent autumn photos,  you’ll have a taste of what autumn looks like here, up north.   Don’t forget to make your way around the circle, next is Abby Lanes…