I’ve wanted to visit the Notre Dame des Neiges cemetery for a long time, but somehow the time was never quite right.  I guess I was afraid of not being able to capture the beauty of the place, the way I wanted it, in my own style.  Most of the cemetery photos I see carry that dark and heavy feeling, I wanted something lighter.  I don’t hang out much in cemeteries, or churches for that matter, but I can admire their beauty.  This cemetery is a truly beautiful one, delicately carved statues and rows of flowering trees, nothing heavy about it.

That visit was also a good time for me to get acquainted with my Lensbaby.  The moody focus the lens renders was perfect for the location.  I fell in love with both, the place and the lens.

I hope the photos inspire you to take a stroll through your local cemetery and get to know the history of some of it’s inhabitants, so many stories still need to be told…

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