If there were such a thing as Muscari fever, well I think I’d be suffering from it.  Seriously,  I just LOVE these tiny, tightly packed bells. And the fact that they’re blue just adds to their loveliness.  There never is enough blue in a garden!  These pretties are always stealing the show in the spring, and I’m sad to see that they never last long enough.  That’s why I take lots of photos each year.

It had never occurred to me that grape hyacinth could come in another shade than blue.  Just my luck, they do! In white, pink, baby blue, and combos of blue and white.  Some also look like they’re wearing a bonnet!  So cute!  I just need them all!  I’d need a bigger yard. Or maybe I’m just living in the wrong era.

What if I was a Babylon Queen and could walk in the hanging gardens.  I could picture it.

I could also be sitting in Monet’s garden at Giverny, watching him paint. Drinking wine. Yes. That’s more like it.  I think the fever has me in a delirious state 🙂

Do you have a dream garden?  What does it look like? I do prefer an eclectic mix, a little bit messy and overgrown.  More like the English gardens.  The French gardens are just too tidy for me.  That’s all a matter of personal preferences, of course.  I’ll leave you with some delightful blues, until next time xox







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