I stumbled upon some very creative double exposure works on Pinterest, and since then, I know I have to try it!  I already have so many ideas in my mind!  I’ve been reading and watching tutorials, and tried playing with a couple of my images.  So far, the results are far from what I have in mind.  The photos I used weren’t taken with a double exposure intention,  so it’s hard to make them fit together.  But yet, it creates something visually interesting.  I mostly played with blending modes and masks so far.   And most of my images were on black backgrounds,  results are better on a white background from what I’ve seen…  I know I have a long way to go, but I’m finding I have a lot of fun in the learning process,  so that makes it worthwhile anyway.    And I might just discover another side of me I had yet to express so far in my photography work.  I haven’t been that excited to try something new in photography for a while and that is a good thing!  When I’ll achieve the results I want,  I’ll make sure to share the how-to with you guys 🙂

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