Once I saw myself as someone dying to be freed
But you have led me here and that’s all I need

All the world you held
The way you see yourself
You know that you’re bound to change
You might never be the same

Once I was a (wo)man that I no longer want to be
You have led me here and that’s all I need

~ Jim Cuddy, All I need

Yes,  once all I wanted was to be free.  You know artists have this way of thinking any constraints are meant to be broken in order to gain freedom.   I was like that BEFORE.   Before YOU.

It’s like the tables have turned,  all of a sudden and I never saw it coming.   I actually long for those everyday moments,  the routine.   Which I used to find so restrictive and boring.   I love being up at 6am on a Saturday to take you to a hockey game and to be in my pj’s at 7pm to watch a movie with you.   There’s no place else I’d like to be.   And I don’t feel I’ve lost anything in that sudden turn my life has taken,   I gained so much.

Those everyday moments we get together mean the world to me.  Walking you to the school bus,  fixing your lunchboxes.   It’s not even a chore.   All these little things I do bring me joy,  and I’m thankful for each and every one of them.  If you sum up the amount of all those little things we do with love,  at the end of the day it mounts up to a whole lot of happiness.

It wasn’t about freedom,  I realize that today.  It was about happiness,  and being completely free to love and be loved in return.  I have found my happy place,  here with YOU,  and it’s all I need.

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