All Hallow’s Eve

On All Hallows’ Eve the dead will arise
to walk the earth amidst you and I,
Barriers are breached ‘tween their world and ours
as lost souls flow forth  and cause men to cower,
The Lord of the Dead releases their bonds
to roam the creation from dusk until dawn
The Evil of the night is kept at bay
by fashioned masks  bearing unholy traits
while candles are lit so the spirits may find
the family and friends they left behind,
Listen to the whispers in songs on the wind,
They’ll reveal your future if you welcome them in,
The dearly departed are invited to feast,
or tricks will be played if you deny them a treat,
Forgotten are the tales the elders once weaved,
but they come back to haunt on All Hallows’ Eve.

© 2006 Stargzr

This Halloween might be the last time my kids go out trick or treating with their friends.   Actually,  my oldest doesn’t care much about it now.   And it took some convincing on my part so my youngest agreed to go with us and a couple of friends.  So,  I jumped on this (maybe) last opportunity to get more Halloween pics to add to the memory hard drive.   It only lasts a couple of years before they get tired of it,  so we might as well make the most of it.  And they don’t even like the candy,  we give most of it at the food drive two weeks after Halloween.   Another page in their childhood gets turned,  they will move on and we will create other family traditions  after that.   We might have a family night with scary movies and popcorn,  we’ll see what they feel like doing next year!   Your kids still love Halloween?  What are their favorite treats?  Did you move on to create another kind of tradition for Halloween night?  Do you even celebrate it?   I feel like it’s important to keep some traditions alive, but it’s harder every year seeing the boys grow up and losing that magic they once had.  I hope all my efforts were worth it,  and that once the time comes,  magic will be back for them.

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