You’re going to be 15 next week…  How fast the time has flown! I remember the moment you entered our lives, my advanced Christmas present. You had lots of spiky black hair, you were so precious and beautiful.  And tall.  You were already a tall baby, now looking down on me from your 5′ 11″ I’m the one feeling so small.  The doctor told me to expect you to still grow in the next two years.  Oh! My!  My clothing budget can’t follow your growth!

Joking aside, I just wanted to write how proud of you I am.  You are becoming a wonderful young man. You’ve always shown compassion and generosity, but now that you’ve matured, I’m amazed at the way you see and feel the world. You have that deeper knowledge now, where you see how faulty humans are, but where you understand that these faults are just scratches on the surface.  You are showing compassion and tolerance in a way I wasn’t able to at your age (and sometimes I still have trouble with my tolerance level, I’m faulty, as you know really well by now, but you forgive me and love me just the same ).  I love you deeply, and all the nights I spent awake worrying, for no good reason, that was just my anxious self rambling, are slowly becoming history now.  You are brilliant, confident, funny, healthy and show a great sense of morals and justice. You will bring so much to the grown-up world, I just know it. I do hope it welcomes you like you deserve it to.

I was terrified of facing the teenage years, I was certain not to possess the maternal skills to get through it.  You definitely made it easy on me and I thank you for it 🙂 You’re a beautiful athlete, one that’s not afraid of commitment and one that knows how to be a team player and how to play by the rules.  You’re intense, I’ll give you that. But it only serves to challenge me in a good way. I never need to push you, in fact, only some broken bones can stop you LOL

Happy birthday, my gentle giant.  Wishing you a world with endless possibilities, much love and a whole lot of joy, and a son just like you (but not soon, okay?).  xox


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