Here we are, at the end of October.  That means autumn is well on it’s way out already, at least the glorious part of it.  Trees are almost bare now, and can you believe that (no, I’m not going to say the S word!) fluffy white stuff is expected this weekend?  I still enjoy walking in the woods, now that leaves cover the ground, but they’ll soon turn to a greyish-brown matter and, as nature rules it, they’ll become part of the whole renewing circle again.  November is by far my least favorite month of the year, though I absolutely love the color grey, when all my environment turns to that particular shade of dull, sleepy and cold grey, I can’t wait for it to be covered in white.  I could just skip right to December!

We’ll also be turning back the clocks this weekend, it’s so difficult to try to get up and drive to school and to work in the dark. That hour in the morning will be welcome, I’m a morning person anyway.  Darker in the evenings is okay as long as you’ve got your blanket, fireplace and a nice glass of wine.  Everything is better in a soft blanket.

So, here are my latest autumn images, maybe the last showing some colors before spring.  November is great for black and whites though, that’s a consolation 🙂

Boy in pine trees

Leaves in the breeze

Leaf covered ground


Autumn leaves

Leaves on stairs

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